Apr 22, 2020

IBN History of Brewing Series grows again: Indian Corn (or Maize) in the Manufacture of Beer

Our first title of 2020 is yet another addition to our IBN History of Brewing Series. Turning our attention from Europe to America, we have created a new edition of  Indian Corn (or Maize) in the Manufacture of Beer, an 1893 publication of the US Department of Agriculture, originally authored by Professor Robert Wahl.

Professor Wahl not only covers the basics of brewing science, but puts the use of adjunct grains, like corn and rice, into their historical context, and shows that they can have a useful place in beer brewing.

Pre-Prohibition America is a period for which many people hold great nostalgia. While beer was still primarily a regional business, many of those regional brewers were becoming quite large. Economies of scale were becoming more important—yet brewers in those days wanted the same things they want today—full-bodied taste, clarity in the bottle, stability in storage, and consistency from batch-to-batch. Modern science held the key to unlocking many of these characteristics, and researchers were quick to analyze ingredients and methods that might contribute to success in brewing.

Like our other IBN volumes, custom-imprinted editions can be created as gift or resale items for craft brewers and brewpubs. Together, they offer a useful resource of "lost knowledge" that today's brewers--both commercial and at-home--may put to good use.

Available via Amazon HERE.

List Price: $6.75
6" x 9" 
Black & White on Cream paper
88 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1985695832
ISBN-10: 1985695839

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