Jan 14, 2018

New Title Premiers for International Beer News HISTORY OF BREWING Series

With the explosion of interest in brewing, Marketing and consumption of Craft Beer over the last two decades, there has also been an increased interest in brewing history. Brewers all across the world are studying and reviving age-old traditions, while craft beer enthusiasts continue to study the rich and fascinating world of Beer Culture.

Danish Beer and Continental Beer Gardens represents yet another all-new edition of a work that originally sought to glean “best practices” of Europe in an effort to support beer consumption and enjoyment in pre-WWI America. With an all-new design, introduction and additonal supplementary information, we are happy to continue to bring this history to today’s beer drinkers. Like all of our re-print series, the images have been carefully scanned and photo-edited, new material has been added for improved context and added depth, and a new cover design has been created specifically for this work.

This book represents the third installment of our History of Brewing Series, created for International Beer News. Like all the books in this series, we can create custom-imprint editions for craft brewers and brewpubs who would like to add something interesting in their merchandise offerings. The book is available now on Amazon and Amazon UK

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