Dec 31, 2015

We Publish Games, Too: Mind Your Manors, a Collectible Country House Card Game

We have just published this collectible card game for The Long Gallery, featuring a custom 54-card deck including 52 full-color cards depicting some of England's most distinctive houses and manors.

Printed by The Gamecrafter, a US company that specializes in custom, print-on-demand games, the cards are high-quality, printed to the same specifications as most playing cards or popular gaming decks you would find in any hobby or retail store.

As for the game itself, it is a simple, turn-based game, where the object is to be the first to collect one or more suits of a particular color; the play is somewhat similar to old games like In Castle Land or Happy Family – and you may wish to develop your own rules.
The real star here is the card deck. Each game deck includes 52 full color cards, each of which depicts a country house illustration on the front and a brief history and notes on the reverse side. I’m sure many people would enjoy the decks for their collectible value alone, and we are currently developing supplemental card decks as well, including additional country houses and manors from this period, as well as other periods, including the Victorian and Edwardian Ages. Future plans also include a card deck and a separate board game featuring many classic town and country pubs.
To read more about the game and to order game decks, visit The Mind Your Manors page at The Gamecrafter. The company does ship internationally; check their order page for costs and delivery info. It’s also important to note that since the games are print-on-demand, additional time may be needed for production.

If you are a retailer, a gift shop at a Heritage house (your house may be in the deck!) or other museum shop and desire to purchase in quantity, please contact us and we will help you obtain stock at a lower price. Simply send an email to:

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