Jan 14, 2009

My Mickey Mouse Breakfast

One of the projects I've talked about with one of my friends is a guy-oriented cookbook. I know there are lots of them out there, especially regarding barbecuing and grilling, but I'm thinking more along something very basic. It's hard to believe there are still guys out there who expect a woman to "cook for them" -- as if the ability to prepare food for oneself was somehow unmanly. Well, my father was an ex-marine, and his attitude was that you should know your way around a stove at least as well as you know a lawnmower, and if you could not manage to feed yourself, you weren't much of a man. I tend to lean that way, too.

That said, I will now present my Mickey Mouse breakfast, a Saturday morning favorite. Just an omelette and a sliced english muffin. I'm not too skilled at flipping the eggs over, so I just cover the 8" pan with a skillet cover til it's done. Works for me.

I suppose if a book ever happens, I will need a professional food photographer and a food sylist. I used to think that would be a cool job -- but after doing a pizza shoot for a client about 12 years ago, I realized that there were few if any fringe benefits. After those guys are done, nobody wants to eat that stuff...

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  1. Let me tell you, a cookbook geared for a guy would be great. There are a few out there, but not many. My guy can cook a few things, but nothing that doesn't involve pasta and boiling water.
    Love your Mickey Mouse breakfast!