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Aug 19, 2015

Novel News: Updated Print Edition of The Steadfast Available

We've been planning to update the print version of The Steadfast ever since we created a new front cover for the ebook version a couple of years ago. Using that as a cue, we re-formatted the new cover (added spine and back cover) and updated the front material, including a new ISBN number for the 2015 edition. We selected a matte finish for this edition, which we think turned out pretty well in the two sample proof copies we ordered. The book is available now on Createspace and will be available in a few days on Amazon. Just $15.95.

ISBN-10: 1515260488
ISBN-13: 978-1515260486

List Price: $15.95
7" x 10" (17.78 x 25.4 cm)
Black & White on White paper
390 pages


Jul 1, 2015

Two New Classic Books on Beer & Ale Brewing

With the explosion of interest in the brewing, marketing and consumption of Craft Beer over the last decade or more, there has also been an increased interest in brewing history. Small scale brewers have delved deeply into the past, reviving the age-old traditions of farm house brewing, small-batch experimentation and a more organic approach to beer and ale creation.

As a result, in cooperation with the International Beer News website, we have just produced two new books to kick off their History of Brewing Series.

Aug 29, 2014

New William Morris Titles for Design & Art

With two titles completed and a possible third on the way, the TLG Design Library has gotten off to a good start with a couple of William Morris books that are perfect for a quick reference or even for use as a study guide for a learning course. Hopes and Fears for Art and The Art and Craft of Printing are available now through and CreateSpace at very reasonable pricing.

Of course, there are other examples of these public-domain books available, but as publisher we take special pride in the care devoted to the design of these two books, which we believe reflect the design principles of its subject, William Morris. From the cover art to the interior layout, we have taken special care to produce works that are appropriate to the subject.

Jul 2, 2014

First Title in New Western Reserve History Library

As part of the planned Western Reserve History Library, Stories of Ohio is a brand new, completely re-designed edition of William Dean Howell's classic work, first published in 1897. It provides a lively and accessible view of Ohio history, from the pre-historic Mound Builders through the end of the 19th Century.

This is the first of a series of historical books to be renewed and preserved for today's readers...newly re-typeset, with enhanced illustrations and improved layout that are a great example of the bookmaker's art.

Jan 3, 2014

The Steadfast - Now available as an Ebook

In addition to the print version available through Amazon/CreatSpace, we have also produced an ebook version of The Steadfast, which is set up in PDF format.

The novel surrounds the adventures of a talented English country house architect, who must use all his wits and talent to wind his way through a dangerous maze of murderous anarchists, spies and arms merchants at the end of the 19th century.

Due to the design of the book and the graphic illustrations which appear throughout the novel, the PDF format was selected as the best way to showcase the work. The ebook is currently available via download from Lulu.

Feb 12, 2009

New Considerations on Book Design

David Meerman Scott has some interesting thoughts about the changes in the way people experience books, based on new technologies and the many different ways we obtain and process information. Meerman notes how he added the URLs of Web sites, blogs, podcasts, videos and other links at the bottom of the each page in case readers wanted to go to the sites he was writing about. Subsequently, one of his readers asked why books couldn't be more like websites, using various ways to display information and be more interactive.

Does this new "style" of literacy really call for a new book model? It might - at least for some types of books. We are looking at this situation right now. After the initial publication of Summit Academy Institute Press' The BLT Hypothesis, the authors have asked us to take another look at the book design and see how it could be enriched from a visual and communicative perspective.

Jan 30, 2009

Bust in Media & Publishing - Boom in Books?

Today, the Publishing Industry is clearly operating under a different economic model than is was in the past, and most people are inclined to believe that the downturn we are seeing is primarily the result of new technologies that are leveling and shifting the playing field. Quality content is available almost instantly in digital formats, at low or no cost, via computer or phone-based ebooks and audio podcasts. Printed books as we know them, professionally printed in black & white or full color, are within reach of almost every author. Most importantly perhaps, the means to distribute and promote new works is globally manifest in the incredible reach and speed of the Internet. Through websites, blogs, forums--and most of all--social media tools--the Internet now providers authors and readers with a wide range of intimate venues to promote, comment, critique, debate, exchange ideas and raise awareness of an almost limitless selection of creative works. Many are good. More are bad. But the Internet provides almost equal access to all in terms of distribution and the theoretical possibility of having a book reach its maximum potential.